Classic 1-Minute Eggnog Cocktail

For quick, no fuss, and fabulous entertaining, consider a Classic 1-Minute Eggnog Cocktail. This crowd-pleaser is sure to warm your core and only has five ingredients!

Amaretto adds a nutty edge and vodka gives it a bite, but our A2/A2 Organic Homegrown Eggnog is really what steals the show here. We suggest keeping a spare bottle (or two) of our Homegrown Eggnog in the fridge for when unexpected guests drop by.

Note: this recipe uses vodka, but any spirit may be used.


- 2 oz Alexandre Family Farm Homegrown Eggnog
- 1 oz Vodka
- 1 oz Amaretto
- Pinch of Cinnamon
- Pinch of Nutmeg


Fill cocktail shaker halfway with ice (No shaker? Use two cups instead). Combine liquid ingredients and shake until chilled (about 10 seconds, or until shaker feels cold to the touch). Strain into chilled glass of your choice. Dust with freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon. If you like a lot of warm spices, add another pinch to ingredients before shaking.

Makes one 4 oz cocktail