Find Our Products

Find our Certified Regenerative, Organic, and Humane A2/A2 dairy products and pasture-raised eggs! If you are in the SF Bay Area you can also find us at many Farmers Markets.

Now available for delivery through:

Fresh Direct (New York Metro)
Good Eggs (SF Bay Area)
STEP 1. Search your location

Enter the city or zip code that you are searching for our products in. The red pins on the map indicate nearby retailers that carry any of our products.

Step 2. Set the search radius

The Store Locator’s default search radius is set to 5 miles. To extend the search radius and discover more stores that carry our products, click "Search Radius" at any time during your search.

STEP 3. Search for specific products (optional)

Click "Product Search" to filter your search to stores that carry specific AFF products. The red pins on the map still indicate stores that carry any of our products, but the list bolds stores that carry those specific products (stores that are greyed out in the list view carry our other products).

Step 4. Suggest a retailer (optional)

Is there a store in your area that you'd like to see our products at? Let the store and our team know.

Retailers love to know what their customers want! Please ask the dairy buyer or manager at the store to bring in our products, and click "+Suggest Location" above to send us their information (name, location) so we can reach out to them directly.