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Where the redwoods meet the sea in northern California’s Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, we, Blake and Stephanie Alexandre and our five children have poured our combined generations of dairy know-how into our regenerative organic farms. We are strong proponents of holistic organic farm practices, nutritional education and environmental stewardship. 

“The special thing about our farm is green grass and living soil. We have a growing season that lasts twelve months out of the year, which is really unique. Our animals truly are eating more grass than anyone else’s animals in the country and it’s because of our setting here in this environment.”
Blake Alexandre

Our Pasture Promise seal is our family’s commitment to you towards quality grazing of our pastures with cows and chickens. We accomplish this through biodiversity of plant species and biodynamic green pastures. Our mild temperate weather allows for the soil, land, and pasture to be alive every day of the year, averaging 54-65 degrees throughout the whole year. In doing so, we ensure that the pasture our cows eat is green and alive year-round. Our annual rainfall of over 76 inches allows for grass growth 365 days a year.

Our integrity towards grazing our cows and chickens has to do with green, living and grazing on pastures over 280 days a year. We utilize these critters to sequester carbon through planned grazing, our promise to grazing is essential to our regenerative organic farm.



Our cows graze on the most lush, green grasses because of our annual rainfall and summer irrigation.


Our hens enjoy a natural farm life roaming in our organic cow pastures to produce the most nutritious organic eggs.


Our cows to produce milk high in CLA, Vitamins E and K, and a high ratio of Omega 6 to 3 fatty acids.

We believe our God-given talents are to be stewards of the land. We dedicate ourselves to operating a profitable sustaining business by our commitment to holistic farming practices, lush green pastures, animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Our unique approach is unlike other farms and our cool, coastal climate and pastures cannot be matched. The result is nutrient dense milk, meat and eggs.


“He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out of the Earth.”

PSALM 104:14

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