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New Hope Network - Dec 15, 2022

"From the Ground Up: Regenerative Agriculture Commands Center Stage" by Douglas Brown

Woman's World - July 12, 2022

"People Are Drinking This After a Workout (and We’re Not Sure What to Think About It)" by Alexandria Brooks

Lost Coast Outpost
Lost Coast Outpost - May 9, 2022

"Crescent City Farm, Gold Beach Featured In Guy Fieri’s New Food Network Series ‘Guy’s All-American Road Trip’" by John Ross Ferrara

Deli Market News - Feb 16, 2022

"Alexandre Family Farm Embraces Reducetarianism as it Makes a Healthier Planet" by Lilian Diep

Sustainable Brands - Feb 2022

"How Companies Are Joining Forces, Closing Loops, Optimizing Outputs in Complex Supply Chains" by Tina Nguyen

Deli Market News - Jan 3, 2022

"Alexandre Family Farm Hits Three Milestones With National Distribution in January of A2/A2 Organic Yogurts" by Chandler James

Sunset Magazine - Dec 21, 2021

"How to Make Better Eggnog at Home—And No, You Don’t Need Eggs or Milk" by Magdalena O'Neal

Perishable News - Sept 28, 2021

"Alexandre Family Farm Wins Nexty Award for Best New Mission-based Product at Natural Products Expo East 2021"

Civil Eats - Sept 7, 2021

"The Nation’s First Regenerative Dairy Works with Nature to Heal the Soil—at Scale" by Gosia Wozniacka

Today Show - Apr 8, 2021

"What is A2 milk? Everything you need to know" by Kerry Breen

Capital Press - Dec 3, 2020

"California conservation programs serve as examples of what works, or not" by Sierra Dawn McClain

Edible East Bay - May 16, 2018

"Got A2 Milk?"

New York Times - Nov 23, 2015

"Putting the Chicken Before the Egg" by Stephanie Strom