It was 25 years ago that we made the decision, as a family, to transition to organic dairy farming. We were motivated by our faith and desire to provide the healthiest environment for our family, our animals, our land, and our neighborhood and neighbors.

Since then, that desire has expanded to include all life on our farm - from the biology in the soil, to the birds in the sky, and all living life in between. We do that by observing, honoring, and protecting the natural processes of the rich ecosystem that surrounds us.

As America’s first certified regenerative dairy, we’re constantly learning how to “Do the Right Thing at Every Turn” while providing an example of organic, regenerative agriculture at scale. We then pass that education on to our team members (who work with all facets of life on our farm) through hands-on training and educational videos, and by updating protocols and procedures.

We prioritize transparency in everything we do, and work daily to comply with strict animal welfare standards in the areas of food, environment, management, healthcare, handling, and transportation.

Here’s a summary of what we’re doing to build a more healthy and humane food system. Please visit our farm where the Redwoods meet the sea in northern California to witness it for yourself!

Certified Humane

In addition to protecting the health and habitat of all living creatures on our farm, we comply with the third-party Certified Humane organization’s strict animal welfare standards (as outlined in the 67-page ‘Humane Farm Animal Care Welfare Standards for Dairy Cattle’).

Our animal welfare is certified by four organizations in all, including Validus, FARM, Certified Humane, and CCOF for the USDA National Organic Seal. 


Our cows and chickens spend their days outdoors grazing on pastures with more than 40 types of grasses, legumes, and other plants. Our rotational farming practices mean our animals can always graze on lush, green grass, which provides a healthier life for our farm animals and more nutritious eggs and dairy products for our valued customers.

Building Biodiversity Above & Below Ground

Certified Regenerative

As a certified regenerative dairy, we not only care for our farm animals – we protect all living things in our entire ecosystem. From the Roosevelt elk that share our grass pastures, to the bald eagles that feast on our chickens, the salmon that thrive in our streams, and the microorganisms that flourish in our soil, we recognize that all living creatures play an important role in maintaining a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem.

We were a key part in bringing the Aleutian Canada goose back from the edge of extinction, and in the spring and fall our pastures are still feeding about 20,000 of them.

Certified Organic

We are a 100% organic farm and avoid using antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides. The benefits of our organic practices extend well beyond our farm’s borders. Our organically-farmed dairy products and eggs are as naturally nutritious as they come - offering only REAL 100% organic ingredients that pass the nutrition of our healthy, living soils to your family’s kitchen.

We believe in the integrity of the organic seal, and are more than proud to display the USDA Organic and CCOF Organic seals on our product packaging. 

Advocating For Better Animal Welfare Laws & Public Policy

In addition to our on-farm actions to promote animal welfare, we work in community meeting rooms and the halls of Congress to advocate for better laws, more effective appropriations of funds, and new and better public policies to build a more humane food system.