Just south of the Oregon border lies Humboldt and Del Norte Counties – where redwoods meet the sea along California's rugged coastline. It was back in 1992 that we – Blake and Stephanie Alexandre – decided to purchase a beautiful piece of farmland in Del Norte’s Crescent City to start our very own dairy farm. Since then, our farm has evolved in ways we could hardly imagine, and today we are proud to work alongside our children together as a family.‎

Grass-based dairying is our PASSION.  It is our MISSION to farm in harmony with nature, honoring the Earth and all the creatures under our stewardship to make the most delicious, nutrient-rich eggs and dairy products -- and to make God smile while we do it!  We have a VISION of passing our healthy farm and farming practices on to our children to care for the land, our animals, and your health for many generations. We VALUE hard work, transparency, faith, nutrition from the soil up, family, caring for our community and freely sharing our knowledge and experience. We look forward to all visitors to our farm, and wholeheartedly invite you to be one of them!


Health has always been our central focus; and it begins with the soil. Our year-round green grasses are a product of well nurtured soil, where we cultivate a teeming mecca of microorganisms that not only make our pastures healthy and resilient, but result in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk and eggs.

Both our dairy cows and our hens graze open pastures alongside one another – a way of farming that goes beyond organic by looking at the beneficial way animals and ecosystems interact. We call this style of farming ‘holistic management’.

A goal of ours is to set a new standard in dairy farming by prioritizing becoming caretakers with a commitment to stewardship that reaches beyond our farm gate. We take pride in caring for every aspect of our farm: from the complexities of managing 4,300 acres of farmland without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, to assuring that each individual egg is nest-laid and hand-gathered. Wholeheartedly, we believe that the Earth’s tastiest and healthiest foods are a product of farmers working in harmony with nature. 


The depth of our commitment in what we do resides in family tradition, regenerative organic farming, and in providing consistent, high quality food from our single-origin farm.

Fifth Generation Farmers

Farming is in our blood. We are both fourth generation farmers: Blake, from Ferndale, California; and Stephanie, from Chino, California. We converted our dairy to organic in the late 90’s – taking our love of farming back to its hundred year-old roots. Our families have a longstanding emphasis on taking care of the grass and the animals that subsist on it, and we were thrilled to be bringing back the organic production practices of our grandparents. At the time of our organic certification in 2001, we were the 9th certified organic dairy in the state.

Today, we operate five grass based, regenerative organic dairies with crossbred A2/A2 dairy cows on irrigated pastures. We also grow a majority of our own organic alfalfa hay on cropland in Modoc County. 


Growing up across the street from the dairy, our five kids have always been involved in the day-to-day activities on the farm. They’ve experienced the gift of having wide-open pastures as their playground, learning how to drive tractors at age six, and feel the beauty and compassion in working with and caring for the animals we have on our farm. Each member of our family has developed a unique and bright passion for agriculture. With agriculture degrees from Cal Poly, three of our kids now run the farm with us – and are creating our 6th generation of Alexandre Family farmers!