Angel Ferndandez

Angel Ferndandez
Herdsman – Del Norte

Angel has been blessing us with his thousand watt smile and friendly personality for more than 10 years. He grew up in Mexico learning how to breed cows from his grandfather; always wanted to grow up to be a breeder like him.

In 2010, Angel started with Alexandre Family Farm in the maternity barn and would eventually fill in breeding cows on the main herdsman’s day off. He worked his way to assistant breeder and in 2020, he became the lead herdsman. Angel is an intuitive grass-based dairy herdsman; he can read how much pasture to give all the milking cows on the farm, and to which pasture they should be sent, when. Angel looks at the height and density of the grass in the fields, and then he makes decisions about which cows to send where. He maps out the cows on the pasture – matching the needs of the cows with the condition of the pasture - and determines the paddock size for each group. The paddocks are sized by moving the electric poly wire.

Angel is a key player in our regenerative dairy practice of pasture management.

He and his wife Maria have two young children, Ivana and Angel(ito).