Bottled Milk, Cream and Butter


Minimally Processed / Vat Pasteurization

Our West Coast line of bottled products undergo a low temperature vat pasteurization, which means that the milk is held at a minimum of 145ºF for 30 minutes and then quickly cooled. This retains a high flavor profile for the milk while maintaining a minor percentage of the milk’s natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria providing their own health benefits of our milk. This means that the milk has more life in it, so the shelf life of our bottled milk and cream is shorter than most.

Non Homogenized / Cream Top

Along the minimal processing line, we do not homogenize our bottled 6% Whole or 100% Grass-fed milks, therefore you have to shake them before you drink them because that cream has risen to the top. Homogenization breaks down the fat globules in the milk, and may be harder to digest, therefore we keep this milk in its truest form with the cream naturally rising to the top.

High Butterfat

The goodness of nutritional value gets passed from farm to to bottle through our high fat products (4% Whole Milk, 6% Whole Milk & Yogurt, 16% Half & Half, 40% Heavy Whipping Cream, 4% Chocolate Milk, and seasonal full fat 100% grass-fed products), allowing for more CLA’s and Omega 3’s per serving.

No Additives

There are no emulsifiers, no stabilizers, no carrageenan, no other additives in our milks. No hormones, antibiotics.

Simple ingredients, simple processing, simple packaging, simple label, great product.