Mobile Coop Egg Farming - Alexandre Kids Organic Pastured Eggs

Alexandre Kids Eggs are large, nutrient-dense and delicious because they come from happy chickens that roam in lush and green coastal pastures, 365 days per year. Because they live in mobile coops, our hens have unrestricted freedom to forage on irrigated dairy pastures, eating from 50-100 varieties of plant species including grasses, forbs, herbs, and clovers.

What are mobile coops?
Chicken coops are hen houses where the hens lay their eggs, rest, and get out of the elements. When these hen houses are mobile (able to be easily moved), it is possible to keep the hens on green grass all year round. Our coops, which provide a spacious home with nesting boxes, are moved twice per week at dusk when the chickens move in to roost for the night.

What are the benefits to mobile coops egg farming?
When a coop is stationary, hens will overgraze the area around it and no longer access the benefits of the lush pasture and the bugs within. Moving the coops:
- Ensures have the diet they need to produce eggs rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.
- Distributes the hens the natural fertilizer while not allowing an area to get overgrazed or get too much manure on it.
- Allows our hens to choose to go outside and forage on grass and bugs every day. It is common to see chickens intermingled with grazing cows.

Watch this video to learn more about our mobile coop egg farming practices and see how we move them from plot to plot twice a week.