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When it comes to growing quality grass, ‘nourishing the soil that nourishes us’ is our first priority. It’s quite simple – don’t do anything that harms the microbes in the soil. Good pasture management means good soil management. We generally do not plow, till, or disc our fields. Other than sprinkling upgrades of new seed varieties every now and then, our pastures are permanent. We’re blessed with a beautiful setting where cool season grasses and legumes thrive such as perennial, annual and Italian Ryegrass, New Zealand white clover, red clover, plantain and chicory.


We are proud to be the 1st CERTIFIED REGENERATIVE organic dairy in the US by both the Savory Institute and the Regenerative Organic Alliance.  These certifications, which respectively took 4 and 2 years to complete, acknowledge that our farming practices go beyond sustainability to actually improving the biology of our soil and our ecosystem, and sequestering carbon to help with climate change. 

cows on pasture

Regenerative Dairy


To keep the pastures healthy, we amend the soils with elements that tend to leach out like Zinc, Boron, Selenium and other basic micro elements. We also value our manure. Manure collected from the freestall barns where cows are housed in bad weather, or from the milking parlors, is carefully composted with our cow-bedding components of straw, sawdust, and wood shavings. We add crab and fish waste from our local fisheries and work the compost piles to cultivate the maximum nutrient content. When this special mix is ready, we spread the compost on as many acres of pasture as possible.

Our approach to regenerating the soil through our planned grazing of both the dairy cattle and the chicken, and our holistic approach to farming is both good for the land, and good for people. We are putting carbon back into the soil, sequestering that carbon in an effort to reverse climate change. We are building our soil, our own carbon farm, from the ground up, utilizing cows and chickens to do move carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the Earth’s soil. This is our regenerative organic approach.


Regenerative Pastured Eggs


 We are healing the earth through regenerating soils in the most natural, holistic approach at our Egg Ranch. This is about looking at the whole farm as an integrated, living organism. This organisim includes all of the farm’s surroundings: plants, creatures, critters, animals, trees, land, soil, compost, and people. We work to harmonize all of these together, and manage all in a dynamic way nurturing the earth.


Green Grass
Mother cow and her calf
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