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Alexandre Family Farm milk is exceptional in many ways.  Not only is it 100% A2/A2 and comes from happy grazing cows on our regenerative organic farm, but it has higher protein and milkfat than other milk.  With health as our primary focus, we go beyond the regulatory minimums to bring you the most nutritious (and delicious) milk you can buy.



​Our Whole Milk contains 6% butterfat – which is 70% more than the standardized 3.5% milkfat in other Whole milk on the market.  We also don’t break down (or homogenize) that nutritious fat – so our milk is old-fashioned ‘cream-on-top’.  Give it a good shake (or not!). We use a “low and slow” heating method when preparing our milk to harness all of the delicious flavor in pasture-raised cow’s milk. Our cool, coastal climate provides green grass 365 days a year – a constant source of nourishment for our unique blend of crossbreed cows, and results in milk with higher Omega 3s and CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acids). 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Milk, Organic Cream.

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