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Homemade A2/A2 Organic Ricotta

Ricotta cheese, which is believed to have originated in Sicily, is also known on the island as zammatàru, which means 'dairy farmer' in Sicilian. We thought it appropriate to have our zammatàru, Stephanie  Alexandre, show you how easy it is to make homemade ricotta. You need only 3 ingredients and common kitchen tools. Join along as Stephanie makes some delicious homemade ricotta using our A2/A2 Organic 6% Whole Milk. SUPPLIES- Large saucepan- Food thermometer- Strainer or colander- Cheese cloth- Large bowl (to catch whey)- Dish for final product INGREDIENTS (makes 4-5 cups) - 1 gallon (128 oz) Alexandre Family Farm A2/A2 Organic...