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Crossbred Grazing Genetics

If you walk on our farm, you’ll see cows of all colors. Our herd is now 100% crossbreeds, allowing us to pick and choose traits desirable for a grazing dairy.  While breeding for these traits we are focusing on small, wide-bodied cows that can travel distances and convert rich pasture into high butterfat, nutritious A2/A2 beta-casein protein milk.

Our crossbreed of New Zealand Kiwi Cross, German Fleckvieh, New Zealand Ayrshire, Dutch Holstein, and Danish Jersey allow for a beautiful grazing cow. Our cows are a mixture of breeds from across the world, brought together to utilize strengths from each breed. Our intent is to use their natural ability to roam our pastures, by being short and wide animals with strong feet and legs, making them better grazers and walkers, turning pasture into nutrient dense milk products.

While doing so, we are sure that each breeding bull and cow carry only the A2/A2 beta-casein protein gene. These traits allow this herd to have the best bodies and temperament for the 365 pasture life, while producing high quality milk having only organic A2/A2 beta-casein protein.

Compassion and humane treatment of our animals is incredibly important us at Alexandre Family Farm. We ensure this by dedicating our farm to a third party animal humane certification program recognized by the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program; Certified Humane, we hope to be certified by March 2020.

A calf laying in grass
Many black and white cows in a green field
Chilled bottles of milk

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