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Pastured Eggs

We have very happy hens.  They have full freedom to roam, rest, nest, lay eggs and forage whenever and as much as they would like.  They live a natural life.  They graze on green, lush organic grass and have room to roam in the fresh coastal air and sunshine.  They have nests in their coop in which they lay their eggs, which we hand-gather.  The eggs are substantially different from most other eggs you can buy:  They weigh more, they taste better and they have a higher protein profile.  Our conscious, hand-intensive egg farming takes a lot more effort and it is worth every bit of it!

Six Count

Jumbo Eggs

Since the day our parents entrusted us to raise our baby chicks and care for our laying hens, we’ve learned that healthy values like responsibility and caring for nature make a difference; and make the most honest food possible. Each egg is nest-laid and hand gathered, and we make sure our hens are outside every day, foraging organic green grass, sharing with our dairy cows. We take good care of our chickens and they take good care of us – the proof is in each delicious, nutritious farm-direct organic egg.

Jumbo Egg Nutrition Facts