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Our organic values extend into our personal lives affecting what we eat, how we live, and the products we use on a daily basis. As stewards of the land, we want to put healthy nutrients back into the soil we work. We believe that we are enhancing and sustaining the land for future generations. We honor the soil biology of the land, its animals, and the people that eat our products, which results in quality nutrition you can see and taste. The organic foods we produce are free of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic hormones, and antibiotics. These same organic values guide us with regard to soil quality, how to raise animals, pest and weed control, genetically modified organisms, and the use of other input materials. Each of our products is raised on 100% organic land, forage, and feed. Organic standards transcend to the processing level of our products including regulations prohibiting artificial preservatives, dyes, and flavors with annual food safety audits.

Our Alexandre Family Farm and Alexandre Kids Eggs organic certifications mean that we are United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). On top of this third party organic certifcation, we are also Non-GMO Project Verified. Although certified organic means Non-GMO, we added the Non-GMO seal for those that do not recognize that.


We think it’s a simple truth,
the earth’s most delicious, most healthy foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature.

Our holistic approach to farming and animal husbandry revolves around working with nature; a practice that integrates dairy cattle with our hens, creating complex nutrient cycling and health for our livestock and pastures. Our unique approach is unlike other farms and our cool coastal climate and pastures cannot be matched. We believe these practices add value to the property, both intrinsically and extrinsically, a conscious commitment strengthens our ability to enhance food production, control water supply and avoid costly mistakes that could unravel decades of soil health and livestock productivity as well as a community good will.

Our effort to regenerate the soil through planned grazing of both the dairy cattle and the chicken, and our holistic approach to farming is both good for the land, and good for people. We are putting carbon back into the soil, sequestering that carbon in an effort to reverse climate change. We are building our soil, our own carbon farm, from the ground up, utilizing cows and chickens to do move carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the Earth’s soil. This is our regenerative organic approach.


We provide nutrients to our cows in the best way possible. The complex coastal organic pastures supply our cows with their basic diet. Of the nutrients consumed by our cows, about 20% are cycled into milk. The other 80% of the nutrients pass though and are given back to us in another form. We care for those nutrients with a natural aerobic process, such as composting of the high cellulose materials and what we call liquid composting of the nutrient water, producing a bioliquid that is very nutritious for our soils. A key component in this process is the ability of aerobic microbes to store nitrogen and sulfur in their living protein that is carried back to the land in a beneficial way. This process protects our air and water while transporting a balanced package of nutrients back to our soils through composting solids, fish waste, bedding, sawdust, and straw. Once the nutrients are properly returned to the soil, the life cycle is complete.

Cows and chickens in green field
Field of flowers with trees and hills in distance

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