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Nourishing the Soil that Nourishes Us is Our First Priority

When it comes to growing quality grass, nourishing the soil that nourishes us is our first priority. It’s quite simple – don’t do anything that harms the microbes in the soil.

Good pasture management means good soil management. We generally do not plow, till, or disc anymore. Other than sprinkling upgrades of new varieties every now and then, our pastures are permanent. We’re blessed with a beautiful setting where cool season grasses and legumes thrive such as perennial and annual Italian rye grasses, New Zealand white clover, red clover, berseem clover, plantain and chicory.

To keep the pastures healthy, we amend the soils with elements that tend to leach out like Zinc, Boron, Selenium and basic micro elements. We also value our manure. Manure collected from the freestall barns where cows are housed in bad weather, or from the milking parlors, is carefully composted with our cow-bedding components of straw, saw dust, and wood shavings. We add crab and fish waste from our local fisheries and work the compost piles to cultivate the maximum nutrient content. When this special mix is ready, we spread the compost on as many acres of pasture as possible.

Feeding a calf
Feeding chickens near large door of a barn
Portrait of farmer standing, hands on hips, by farm equipment


Our Farmland is Home to a Unique Climate, Providing all the Benefits of Grassfed Nutrition with Minimal Irrigation

We believe a distinguishing aspect at the Alexandre Family Farm is our over 80 inches of annual rainfall combined with minimal irrigation efforts, allowing our grass to stay green 365 days a year. On any given day at our farm you will find hundreds of different species of birds and other wildlife calling this place their home because of our pasture management.

We encourage our cows to graze on lush green pastures, resulting in milk containing healthy Omega 6:3 fatty acids ratio and an abundance of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Grassfed milk contains an abundance of nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamins A, D, and E. This equates to more nourishment, improved cardiovascular health and a better immune system for our bodies.

Green grass
Farmer cutting grass
Green field at sunrise

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