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We have a great Creamery team and are processing our milk in the Eastbay of California in San Leandro. A previous yogurt facility that has been remodeled to supply the family dairy product line, this plant is filled with folks who know food science, safety, and quality.

Alexandre Family portrait in a sunny field with cows


Vat Pasteurized

Vat Pasteurized refers to the pasteurization of milk in batch-like style. Milk is held at 145 degrees for 30 minutes and then quickly cooled. This retains a high flavor profile for the milk while maintaining a minor percentage of the milk’s natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria providing their own health benefits of our milk.

Minimally Process / Low and Slow

Our low temperature pasteurization does minimal denaturing to the good enzymes in our milk, as opposed to a high temperature for a short time (HTST) which will cook the milk as high as 280 degrees. Our minimal processing means that the shelf life of our milk is shorter.

Non Homogenized / Cream Top

Along the minimal processing line, we do not homogenize our milk, therefore you have to shake it before you drink it because that cream has risen to the top. Homogenization breaks down the fat globules in the milk, and may be harder to digest, therefore we keep milk in its truest form with the cream naturally rising to the top.

No Additives

There are no emulsifiers, no stabilizers, no carrageenan, no other additives in our milks. No hormones, antibiotics.

Simple ingredients, simple processing, simple packaging, simple label, great product.