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As a family farm, we have always had a close connection to our local community. As our business has grown, so has our concept of community. Sharing our farm with visitors and supporting the communities that we work with will always be a source of joy for us.


Farm tours will always be a joy for our family and for our visitors. From grade-schoolers to college kids and adults, visiting the Alexandre Family Farm can provide a memorable experience for everyone and it can even plant the seed for career opportunities.

Maternity Barn:
Cows giving birth to calves

Calf Barn:
Care and feeding of calves

Milk Barn
Milk production and cow handling

Commodity Barn:
Feeds and recycling agriculture by-products

Manure Management:
Nutrient cycle management

Egg Ranch
How we raise our pastured hens and collect eggs

Not only are our farm tours a way for people to come see a dynamic farm, but all our visitors love to take photos of the farm, scenery, and surrounding wildlife. We are open to all photos, and love when you share them with us.

Alexandre Family portrait in a sunny field with cows


For over 20 years the Alexandre Family has hosted the Bucket Calf Project for children 6 years and older. Working with the Del Norte County 4-H program every year to give kids hands-on experience in the Bucket Calf Project, in 2014, they had over 100 kids come out to to pick their own calf.

The name “Bucket Calf” refers to the fact that the calves are still drinking milk as opposed to grazing in the fields. As participants, children and even parents will learn basic care for cows, the production cycle including feeding and calving, and they’ll even get to watch the milking parlor in action. Each child starts by choosing a calf, most of which were born only a month before the project starts each June.

Project meetings occur on a weekly basis. This is where children lead the calf on a halter and learn how to work with them. Children also get a chance to show the calf at the Del Norte Country Fair, where they stand them correctly in front of a judge, with a big smile on their face. This wonderful project allows kids to see how agriculture in their own backyard impacts their daily lives.

4-H has long been a part of the Alexandre family. Both Alexandre parents – Blake and Stephanie – were involved, showing cows at young ages up through high school. This led Stephanie to become a local 4-H Club Leader while Blake became involved with the Del Norte County Jr. Livestock Auction Board.

All the Alexandre kids grew up showing animals and returned back to our family farm as Junior Leaders and eventually became 4-H Club Leaders. We believe this program instills responsibility, leadership, and hard work through owning an animal, working with it daily before the show, and showing alongside peers at the local county fair. From showing cows to steers to pigs to horses, and even chickens and turkeys, we have shown a variety of animals and have gained valuable experience teaching others about farm life.

The National FFA Organization, formerly known as the Future Farmers of America, has roots in the Alexandre family that go back more than 40 years. Blake was the 1980-1981 California State FFA Sentinel, traveling across the state to put on conferences, teach, and educate high school students in the areas of service, leadership, and agriculture.

As our kids went through high school, all five of them were involved in the FFA. Christian, Vanessa, and Dalton all served as North Coast Region FFA Officers, with both Christian and Vanessa receiving the highest honor, the National Star Farmer degree. Christian was also a National Winner in Poultry Production and a National Finalist for the American Star in Agribusiness, while Vanessa was a State Finalist for the American Star in Agribusiness. Largely because of their love for agriculture that was instilled by growing up on our farm and being involved with FFA, four of our five kids attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, majoring in agriculture.

Alexandre Family portrait in a sunny field with cows


We welcome employment on a year-round basis at our farm and processing areas. We are always looking for qualified people seeking full-time employment that mirror our values, work hard, and want to be a part of our team.

Feeding a calf
Feeding chickens near large door of a barn
Portrait of farmer standing, hands on hips, by farm equipment

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