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Driven by a Passion for Farming

We at the Alexandre Family Farm are driven by our passion for farming and by a set of wholesome values that were instilled in all of us as youngsters. These values have been at the heart of the Alexandre Family Eco-Dairy Farm since 1988 and they will continue to guide our practice for generations to come.

We believe our God-given talents are to be stewards of the land. We dedicate ourselves to operating a profitable, sustaining business through our commitment to holistic farming practices, lush green pastures, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship. The result is delicious, nutrient-dense milk, meat, and eggs.

We strive to become the region’s most desired employer, one that cares about its employees, their families and their faith. Part of being a successful business means sharing that success with those who helped us earn it; our community and our team.

Alexandre Family portrait in a sunny field with cows


Our Approach Creates Products that Mirror Our Values


Everything we do is based on our faith in God and dedication to the greater good.


We are rooted in truth, hard work, and going the extra mile, even when no one is looking. Integrity, strong moral principles, a positive attitude, and being considerate of others is what drives us.


We are a family, along with all the people we touch, and the people that touch us. We are committed to ensuring the personal (or health) and economic success of everyone.


Our honest efforts towards soil, plants, animals, and people produce the most nutritious foods, which we are proud to share.


We are committed to an organic approach. The balance of our natural world above the ground as well as below the ground honors God’s plan.

Feeding chickens near large door of a barn
Portrait of farmer standing, hands on hips, by farm equipment
Feeding a calf

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