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 A Special Place

Where the redwoods meet the sea in Northern California’s Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, we – Blake and Stephanie Alexandre along with our five children – work together as a family. It starts with the soil; this is where we cultivate a complex nutrient cycle that takes root in our year-round green grasses, and comes full circle on your table in the form of delicious, nutrient-dense organic milk and eggs.

Our dairy cows and our hens enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures alongside each other, a way of farming that the Cornucopia Institute describes as, “Exemplary – beyond organic.” The depth of our commitment: to family tradition, to our EcoDairy farming practice, and to providing consistent quality from our single-origin farm, is matched only by the depth of taste in our products.


Feeding a calf
Feeding chickens near large door of a barn
Portrait of farmer standing, hands on hips, by farm equipment

A New Standard in Organic Dairy Farming

Here on the Alexandre Family Farm, our farm practice is setting a new standard in organic, pasture-raised dairy farming. We’re looking beyond organic and biodynamic certification and we’re raising crossbreed A2/A2 cattle to craft the healthiest, best-tasting milk possible. We are more than farmers, we are caretakers with a commitment to stewardship that reaches beyond our farm gate. We are proud to be bringing to market milk like we use to drink years and years ago, old fashioned milk.

We take pride in caring for every aspect of our farm, from the complexities of managing an expansive 4,300 acre farmland to assuring that each individual egg is nest-laid and hand-gathered. We are devoted to farming our way because we believe that the earth’s most delicious, healthiest foods are created when farmers work in harmony with nature.

Truly Green Pasture Raised

Alexandre Kids Eggs

What started as a small 4-H and FFA project by Joseph and Christian, with the assistance of their younger siblings our Alexandre organic pastured hens have grown to a successful business . We serve the West Coast community through providing the most wholesome, superior, organic pastured eggs on the market. Our commitment to green living grasses 365 days a year, and dedication to moving our mobile chicken coops every Tuesday and Friday allows our hens to thrive on our coastal pastures.

It is our passion to preserve our consumers, employees, and hen’s health; which is accomplished through our commitment to identify and uphold the biological integrity of the environment in which our products are grown.


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